Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eid comes again!

Assalamualaikum and happy Eid mubarak!

Wow, today marks the first anniversary of this blog! It still feels brand new. I actually started blogging since I was 16 which was 7 years ago and I used the very same URL which is but somehow I accidentally deleted the blog and I kind of gave up blogging for I was too sad that I deleted the blog by accident haha. It was until last year that I started blogging again using the same URL and this time my posts are so much different from before. Previously I liked to blog about almost everything! I remember the very first post was about me lounging on a sofa, sipping on a cup of hot milo and the fan was on number 5. Haha. Now, I like to talk about cooking recipes and major highlights of my life. I'll try to post more frequently as I do believe it helps to enhance my writing skills and also, I do hope to write more on big, general but important, issues. Things that matter, things that I am most concerned about, things that get on my nerves. It's better to let it out in long-written forms and reason out on its logics rather than just tweeting or reposting them on Tumblr, don't you agree? So inshaAllah I'll do that. 

I am also happy that it's already Eid again! Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri! This is my 23rd hari raya and it still gives me joy. However, no matter how happy I am, I should remember that I can't forever be a child. I should act like a lady now. Who knows next year or the year after I'll be spending my raya with the future in-laws? (nervously laughing  -__- ). Therefore ladies, on raya, be as happy as a child but remain poise and graceful like a real lady. 

My sisters and I on raya

Not so lady-like here  -_-

Also, I am excited to share with you that I have been offered a new job at a new place! Alhamdulillah. I'll start right after this raya holiday. Hopefully this new opportunity will give me new experiences and knowledge. So excited to be learning new things and I'll try my best to be a good employee. Do pray for my career journey and I'll pray that we will all have a wonderful and exciting life adventures ahead. Amin.

P/s: In the midst of raya happiness, please never forget those who are celebrating Eid in Palestine. Don't cry over them as it ruins the purpose of Eid which is to be joyful and happy. But also, do not celebrate too excessively. Our brothers and sisters in Palestine lose their children one by one a whole month long. Yet when Syawal comes, they raise their hands and thank Allah for the wonderful day of Eid. How pure are their hearts?

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The story of Iblis

When Allah (swt) created Adam (a.s), before He bestowed a soul into the lifeless clay figure of a human being, He ordered all of His other creations - the angels, the jinns and others that only Allah knows, to bow down to Adam as a form of respect. And so they did; except Iblis. He refused Allah's order in the face of Allah Himself. When Allah asked Iblis why, he said that He made him out of fire, something greater than any dirt or clay can be. So Allah cursed Iblis out of His heavens. However, after Allah had cursed Iblis, Iblis raised his hands and made a du'a to Allah. He prayed that Allah would grant him life until the Day of Judgement. And Allah granted his prayers. And more, Iblis promised to corrupt the human race and lead them astray and deceive them in the dunya away from Allah's path, except those who are true and sincere towards worshipping Allah. And Allah approved of this promise. Allah sent Iblis to Earth to live among us to fulfill his promise. And Allah said that those who follow Iblis's voice and turn against Him shall be with Iblis in Hellfire in the afterlife.

There are 2 lessons to be learnt here:

  1. Iblis is the only creature that has ever dared to refuse/disobey Allah's order in the face of Allah Himself, and then had the guts to raise his hands and prayed to Allah right after Allah had cursed him; and yet Allah still granted his du'a. This means, no one is disconnected from Allah. No matter who you are, how big your sins are, Allah will always listen to your prayers. Allah granted Iblis's prayers, the creature that He cursed; how can He not answer yours, the creature that He loves, the ones that He raises higher than the angels?
  2. Iblis/ Shaytaan (Satan) promised to deceive us, to lead us away from the path of righteousness, to make us their enemy. So this is what they will do until the end of time and they will never give up. Always remember this is what they are and always will be - our enemy. Never take them as anything else.

Like myself, I hope this story would elevate your faith in constantly making du'a to Allah (swt). Like, whatever you have in mind, just ask Him. Pray. When I was a little girl I loved 'talking' to Allah in my prayers and I always had something to ask from him, one request after another. But as I grow older I find that I tend to make less du'as. Probably ashamed of the sins that I have committed and I know that He is always aware of them. I've heard of ancient stories like this one when I was younger. But when they come back to me now, it's as if Allah is giving me a hint. Like, yes you know this story already, but learn it again. This time, I feel like He's telling me to start 'talking' to Him again.

Anyway, Ramadhan Mubarak! Thanks for reading. xoxo.