Monday, July 13, 2015

Reality of time

I had a mini gelabah moment at work today because of an issue I had to deal with. I went to see my boss and told him about the issue that was bothering me. All he could do was smile and said "okay..okay.." So cool liddat. Me being the gelabah Een asked him "okay je Boss?" And his reply blew my mind. 

He said, " Een, masa kita kat dunia ni probably 0.0006 secs je banding dgn akhirat nnt. Apa lah sgt kita nak worry about problems yg would take us this little time (compared to akhirat) utk kita selesaikan. Kan?" He's telling me, takpe calm down and just take my time to solve the issue. 

Talk about being positive, right?

Terus teringat time nak pergi solat, time parents mintak tolong or time org mintak voluteer for voluntary work tapi tinggal jek sbb tak cukup masa or "tak sempat". Hmm :/

Anyway, hope you're having a blessed Ramadan and Selamat Hari Raya!