Monday, March 28, 2016

The Wedding of #eenxfaris

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

My last blog post was about my wedding preparation and it was about 3 months ago. It's only fair that I post another blog on how my wedding went.

I went for a 'full moon + starry night' theme and although we didn't really mean to emphasise the theme (because the theme was 'sekadar ada' hehe), the event service provider that we hired, RDK Events, did a superb job of installing transparent tents covered with fairy lights and the table decorations, silver sequins tablecloth with red flowers as centre piece. I was not expecting that at all! Alhamdulillah. And to make it an even better surprise, it was a full moon that night! Which matched everything together and I could see the moon from the transparent tent. Magical.

Wedding details

I would describe my wedding day as ringkas (simple) and close-to-heart. It was a 1-day event; doa selamat in the morning, nikah in the afternoon, dinner reception in the evening. And that was it. A one day thing, married, over and done with. No majlis bertandang or a following town hall reception. And it went humbly well, Alhamdulillah.

Although my wedding day was simple, I loved the little details of it as most of the things during my wedding were custom-made by the close people in my life.


Dais/pelamin created by my talented mother, Pn Sabariah and my eldest sister, Syaz 
(who was 8 months pregnant at that time lol). 
Dulang hantaran handcrafted out of pinewood by my 2 brother-in-laws 
(Eddy, Syaz's husband and Mat, Nana's husband) and decorated by my sister Syaz. 
Give them some love on Instagram @syazgift and @woodamental :)

Two dresses, One happy bride

My nikah dress and veil were tailored by Aunty Tris, my mom's ex-staff. She used to work with my mom in her curtain shop and I grew up knowing her. She saw me as a toothless, naughty little girl whom too often played under the table where she'd cut and measure fabrics. And almost 20 years later, there she was, sewing my wedding dress.

Mom and I bought the materials at Jakarta when we were visiting some relatives last year. Funny thing was, months after we got back in Malaysia, on the day that we went to get it tailored, we realised that we were conned. We bought 3.5 meters of fabric and a quarter of it was a cut-off fabric of an almost similar design and colour. We honestly didn't see any difference until Aunty Tris's boutique told us so. Thankfully Aunty Tris was able to make the 'mix-and-match' not too obvious. In fact, it turned out beautiful. So ladies, be careful when you shop for fabric in Jakarta. Lol.

Oh by the way, this dress + veil are up for rent. Very cheap-cheap! If you're interested, don't hesitate to Whatsapp me at 012-6295251.

My reception dress (below) is my favourite. Because it costed cheaper than my baju raya. Honestly. I bought the material at Jakel during a year-end sale where I saved a lot. I already had a design in mind and it was already a couple weeks before my wedding day so I sent the material to a Bangladeshi tailor who was willing to accept my last minute order and prayed to God it would turn out well and on time. It was a huge gamble, I must say. But Alhamdulillah, my plain peplum kurung was neatly tailored and was accurately on time. Best part was, the tailoring costed me less than RM150! And then I added a little bling to the dress with some DIY. I bought some accessories including a neckpiece and some rhinestones which I modified into my dress details, and some on my shawl to match. I had help from my beloved mommy-love who sewed the details in for me and it totally lifted the whole look. Syukur Alhamdulillah. People say as long as your sources are halal, Allah will bless you with equal 'rezeki'. 

Didn't fail me at my first time

I have to credit Teddyfilm for the wonderfully captured moments in photos. I have no experience with photographers nor do I have immediate friends who are involved in photography. But I wanted my special day to be photographed decently as it'll last forever for my children to see. I went on Instagram to scout for a wedding photographer and I found Saiful Chin from Teddyfilm who has the skills to make the least photogenic people look effortlessly picture perfect. When I found Teddyfilm on Instagram, they didn't have a huge following because they were a new company; from which I later learnt that they were a team of experienced photographers. They were the first (and only) option I went for from my Instagram scouting. Something from their Instagram photos really attracted me so without hesitation I contacted them and sealed the deal. Many photographers are quiet as a mouse while on the job, some even seem invisible which I understand they want to avoid interfering with the wedding flow. Saiful Chin however, he controls the mood of the photos the way he wants them to be, and he does it super swiftly. I loved how he captured our family portrait. When we were all set and ready in our usual 'raya photo' pose, this witty guy slipped out some funny sayings and we burst out laughing. Not only did he set the mood straight up, he got beautiful candid shots out of it too. My family had the most fun time and to me, that's the most important thing.

You can find him at Instagram here @saifulchin or

Syukur Alhamdulillah, everything went well. We're 3 months into marriage life and it's been nothing but great. And we welcome more happiness into our lives but at the same time, we will not shun away Allah's trials. Being married is all about being mentally prepared to face challenges as a team. I got married at 24 and I became an adult before that. I am no life expert but this advice might come in handy - do not get married when you're pressured by age. Get married when you're armoured up for life's nasty games, when you're ready to fully support another life, when you truly believe that Allah has the best for you planned out.

Thank you for reading my humble post. Till next time.