Monday, November 25, 2013

Buttermilk Prawn


I have never been up-and-about when it comes to cooking, but there is one dish that I am getting better at making: buttermilk prawn. It's a simple dish with simple ingredients. My little niece and nephews absolutely love this dish. It's easy to call them to the dinner table when they know I'm making this. So let's get started, shall we!

What you need:
1) Udang (ikut suka nak berapa banyak)
2) Butter
3) Susu cair sejat
4) Susu pekat
5) Garam
6) Daun kari

1) Bersihkan dan kopek kulit udang, letak tepi
2) Cairkan 1-2 sudu butter dalam kuali
3) Masukkan setengah gelas susu cair sejat (kalau guna banyak udang atau saja nak kuah lebih, lebihkan sikit susu cair), api perlahan/low simmer
4) Masukkan 1-2 sudu susu pekat (sambil gaul) sehingga dapat rasa manis-manis buttermilk yang diingini
5) Masukkan beberapa cubit garam (jangan banyak sangat) sehingga cukup rasa
6) Masukkan udang tadi dan daun kari, gaulkan
7) Tunggu sehingga udang menjadi merah/cukup masak
8) Tutup api, siap!

And then it's supposed to look something like this:

If you don't want to make it on your own, here's a suggestion of places that make really good buttermilk dishes: Gold Chilli, SS15 Subang Jaya and Thai Asam Fish, Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.

Okay then, I hope this recipe helps. Good luck!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My best friend got engaged


How many of you girls feel that time flies as fast as a giant unicorn on fire especially when your best friend is getting engaged or married? I know I do. A few weeks ago, My best friend - my soulmate - got engaged to the perfect guy (literally Prince Charming (who wears braces) to her eyes) whom she met just a couple of months. A fairy tale-come-true. I know right.

Aww look at her. How much prettier can this girl be? Words can't describe how much I love and appreciate her as my best friend. When I had a tiny little cold, she was my warden. When I was bed-ridden, she was my nurse. When I cracked one of my lame jokes, she was there to laugh. When I needed a shoulder to cry on, she was there; along with her calm consultations. She was my room-mate for three years and although we saw each other everyday, we would stay up almost every night for hours and hours on our bed just talking about things. People don't understand the relationship that we have. It's special. As I said, we're soulmates.

Just seeing her on her engagement day looking as radiant as ever, brought me to think how much she has grown, she looks like a mature lady now! And I'm sure, she will make a beautiful bride one day.

I hope she enjoys every single day of being someone's fiancee, because this delicate moment of being engaged to be married, is just a short period of time in one's lifetime - and I think precious times like this should be preserved. 

I should thank Faris for driving me all the way down south to Johor Bharu to attend the special occasion. He sacrificed his time, sleep, energy and money to do that. And I think he was very sweet for understanding how much it meant to me. Such a sweet guy. Sorry that I made you rush from work, stay awake for more than 24 hours and spend your weekend merely on the road with me :3 (evil girlfriend laugh).

That's us three. The class trio since 2010.

Sarah if you're reading this, know that I love you, that I hope we will be friends forever, and that I hope your beloved will treat you as the princess that you are. :)