Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm in a Relationship with My Best Friend


Here's the story about me and the most wonderful boy I've ever met, Faris.

I first met him 5 years ago, in the year 2010 when we were both pursuing our Degree in UiTM. He was a dark, skinny, rambut belah tengah, loud and chatty kinda boy. Definitely wasn't my type. I actually thought he was gay. And he's Kelantanese too. Man, I never had any Kelantanese friends and I had no idea about their cultures, if they would have the typical perception towards 'budak KL' as poyo (people outside of KL/Selangor wouldn't generally care if you're actually from Selangor and was never born in KL, they'd still call you 'budak KL'). So I thought it'd be safe to just keep a distance from him LOL.

I don't know what year this was but that hair is long gone now haha
Faris in 2011 HAHA

We started off as classmates. He was the class president and if it wasn't for my best friend Sarah who had to talk to him about class-related stuff, I don't think I'd ever started talking to him. From classmates we became friends who shared a clique of friends (we still do now - best group of friends ever).

Syafea, Sarah, Amir, Drake, Faris & Jupa

And then within that clique of friends, Sarah, him and I became a trio of good friends. Faris used to pick us up every morning to go to class and after class he'd drive us to places and we'd have lots of fun. Ahh~ good old university days.

And then within that trio, Faris and I started becoming best friends. He'd back me up at times, I'd help him out with assignments because I was the smarter one LOL and he'd always be there when I was really sick - a few times he took the trouble to rush me to the hospital and carry me with his own hands to see the doctor. Once, I threw up on his new shirt and all over the car seat and he'd clean up my vomit, no complaints. It was that very moment that I started crushing on him and I knew he was already crushing on me (friendzone alert! haha). I know, it'd be weird to start developing feeling towards someone because he cleaned up your vomit. Omg no haha. It was because he was very helpful and a true, true friend who was not only there at your best times, but there at your lowest too.

So, since then we started going out a lot, just the two of us, and spent A LOT of time together. Of course, at first we had a teeny meeny little conflict because Sarah was feeling left out, but not long after that, Sarah started seeing someone who is now her wonderful husband. And our clique of friends just went along with our relationship development.

And that, folks, is how Faris and I met. We didn't have a specific date on when we started dating, we can't even remember when we 'officially' started being a couple - we just smoothly and gradually shifted from being friends to a pair of people who care and love one another. No anniversary date, no couple date, no first fight date, just a strong feeling of attachment which I am grateful that it's with my best friend.

The trio on Sarah's engagement day :)

When I asked Faris when and how he started to have feelings for me, here's his story. 

He said he started "falling" for me the first time he saw me which was on the very first day of class. It was induction day and we had to introduce ourselves. He fell for me when I said I was a "daddy's girl". But ironically that, he said, meant he had no 'chance'. However he and a few other classmates stalked me on my previous blog which I accidentally deleted a few years back, and read about my post on my nephew's first birthday party. It was an animal costume party and there were pictures I posted on the blog and so he checked me out in my bunny costume LOL (I wasn't hijab-ed yet). And so the friendzone saga began. Hahaha.

I would describe Faris as someone very, very helpful. He is very committed to help his friends, within his capacity, with anything. When we were studying, we didn't have the luxury of money so he'd offer his time and physical capability in helping friends. He'd also cheer up anyone he knows and not let them see his sadness. Till now, wherever he goes, he's known for his ability to make people laugh. And that's also the reason why I fell for him.

May 2015 - he asked his mom to put a ring on me :)

Now, 5 years later, Alhamdulillah we are in the midst of preparing for our wedding just a few months from now. InshaAllah my best friend will be my leader in life. Do pray for our journey before and after marriage. To Faris, I'll never stop learning to be a better partner to you. And I'll always, always love you.