Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tips to Choose a Chic Blouse!

One of girls’ many major issues: Finding the perfect blouse. When searching for the perfect blouse, there are so many different kinds of style to be considered. The style you pick will reflect your personality and bear in mind, whatever you wear should suit the occasion or event that you’re going to. Because sometimes you might need it for a special dinner with someone, an important business meeting, a holiday or for everyday wear at the office. Now, let me share with you 5 tips for buying a stylish blouse for women

1.    What’s the Occasion?

First you need to determine for what occasions you will be wearing the blouse because you might need it for only one occasion or for many different occasions. I personally have blouses that are specifically intended for just to the office, or going out on weekends or for attending important events. You need to know what style of blouses you need and from here it would be easier to determine the number of different blouses you want to buy.

2.    S, M, L or XL?

Before you go out and buy a new blouse of course it is crucial for you to know what size is best for you. Try it on before you decide to buy it. Just like anything else, blouses come in different sizes to cater women with different body shape. Get one that flatters your body and make you look amazing effortlessly. 

3.    If you’re not size zero, you’re not size zero!

Do not get a blouse that is too small, ever! Because you want to avoid getting into a mess with it not buttoning correctly or just make your body looks unflattering which sometimes could expose parts of your body (unless if you intend to). 

4.    Collar or no collar?

When choosing a blouse you have to decide whether you want a collar or not. If you have in mind the occasions you need to attend wearing a blouse, this decision will help in determining whether or not you want or need a blouse with collar. For me, I’d go for a collared blouse if I feel I need to look smart and a non-collared blouse for a more relaxed occasion or if the neckline is beautifully beaded or if the weather’s just too hot. But now that I’ve started wearing a hijab, I usually opt for non-collared blouses as it would already be heavy around the neck area.

5.    Plain or fancy?

The final question I always ask myself when buying a new blouse is, if I want a plain blouse or a decorative one with prints of vivid designs with embellishments. Blouses with decorative stitching and ruffles can be very nice and can be worn to work when paired with a nice skirt or a pair of flattering pants and a suit jacket for a complete look. Whereas, plain blouses can be paired with printed hijabs or a fancy handbag. Go all out and mix and match! That’s the fun part of being a girl. J

Now that I’ve shared with you these 5 golden tips, I hope you will have fun shopping and good luck! Thanks for reading! xoxo

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