Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello, Namaste, Nihao.


Warmest greetings :) Hi, my name is Sharifah Syazreen and this is my blog. I used to have one previously with the exact same url which I accidentally deleted about a year and a half ago (darn it). I didn't immediately make a new one because I was in university and was very busy. Anyway, I started blogging when I was 16 which was six years ago. So there you go, I am 22 years old. Haha. Well this is an introductory post is it not? Let's start this again, shall we? :) 

Hi. My name is Sharifah Syazreen. Everybody calls me Een (say: "e-in") for short. I am 22 years old, was born and lives in Selangor, Malaysia. Let me make it brief for you, I am just another ordinary Malaysian girl who speaks her opinions but doesn't vomit comments about everything, is easily pleased but doesn't get hyper-excited over little things, gets angry at times but doesn't swear, feels cozy around the same circle of people but her other friends are secretly always in her mind, is very clumsy, reckless and careless but she tries to stay pretty through the day as much as possible, is creative but doesn't waste her time doodling or writing her day away, always has a wandering mind but people don't get it she's just highly imaginative, is all about women empowerment but loves men nonetheless, has a soft spot for animals but is not a vegetarian, walks and talks like a grown lady but has a heart of a little princess. Oh, but unlike other girls, I do not like drama. I stay away from them. Because I am so bad at dealing with them. So if I'm your girlfriend and you nak merajuk, prepare for my malas-nak-layan poker face. Hehe. So..hi! Very nice to meet you :)

The reason I started blogging again is because I just finished my 3 years degree (yay!) and my friends and I have gone our separate ways..(sobs). And I promised my girls (Sara, Iman, Hazreen, Eha and Amal) that I will start a blog, as they have started theirs, so that we could read about each other's future life journeys on the blogs. To be honest, to me this is very heart-touching. After 3 years living together and the fact that all of us now live in different regions of the country, we move on to walk our own paths and create our own stories. Girls, if you're reading this, thank you for the time we spent, the memories we shared, the stories we made, everything. You girls were part and parcel of my university life. 

I hope with this blog, I get to share the next chapters of my life. Hopefully I would be able to share the stories of my first job, first house, love life, marriage life, motherhood, all in this small, humble blog. I am pretty excited for this so.. hang in there with me :) Oh and happy Ramadan! Thank you for reading!