Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sambal Tumis Sotong

Last night I made sambal tumis sotong for dinner. I'm not a really good cook but I'm slowly learning :) So I'd just like to share how I cooked this dish with you. Ready? Here we go!

  1. Tumiskan bawang putih, bawang merah, halia
  2. Masukkan cili blend
  3. Masukkan sotong slices
  4. Masukkan air asam
  5. Tambah air jika perlu
  6. Masukkan sikit garam, gula, ajinomoto sehingga cukup rasa
  7. Optional: masukkan telur, gaul
  8. Tunggu sehingga masak, hidang!
And you're done! And then it's supposed to look like this:

Well, mine kind of looked a little less pretty than this hehe. Still learning!

Okay that's all. I hope this recipe is simple enough for you to follow (if you're a beginner like me). Until next time!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Job Interviews!

Hi everyone!

So last month I posted about me doing a little job-hunting. Well, still unemployed. :/ But after numerous applications, I did get a couple of responses. 

A few weeks ago I was called in for an interview as a Marketing Communications Assistant at a well renowned magazine publication company. At first I couldn't believe my ears when I got the telephone call. It was a dream come true. I've been wanting to work at the company for so long just for the love of fashion magazines. So I went all the way to Damansara, alone, for the interview. The sad thing was, when I went back into my car after the half hour interview, I took a deep sigh and thought I did awful. I thought, "well, this is only my first interview. First tries always suck," and then I went home. However, within a week the company asked me if I still wanted the job. I declined. I have my own reasons for this. I might reveal one of the reasons in my next post ;) 

So since that happened, I went back to my daily routine - searching for job vacancies. 

And then, Alhamdulillah, another company called me in for an interview! This time, an international publishing company. Although the selection process of this company is quite a challenge, the benefits that I can enjoy later if I passed are a plenty. The office is much closer to home, the working environment is friendlier, the pay is bigger, and the job scope is more fitting to my scope of study. I went for the interview last week and I was much calmer; although I was bombarded with questions for one and a half hour, non-stop. Seriously. I almost ran out of saliva. And the interview was at 12 a.m. in the morning. Seriously.

I actually applied for a job in this company on behalf of Faris too. We're so lucky that both of us got called in. Faris will be having an interview at this company too tomorrow night (yes, midnight to be exact) and I hope he gets in. The job fits him so well and he's such a funny guy I'm sure they'll love him. Such a sweet guy for letting me apply the job for him and agreeing to come down here all the way from Kelantan to go through the selection process with me *evil girlfriend laugh*. 

I really hope the both of us will pass this interview and finally start our career lives. Will we be hired? I don't know, I sure hope so. Well I'll let you know soon. Thanks for reading! Bye!