Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy International Women's Day!

As a woman myself, I understand when people say "a woman's heart is a sea of emotions". I understand how broken inside when I see a woman weep for the loss of something or someone precious. I understand how troubled and angry a woman is when she nags. I understand how tired and exhausted a woman is after caring for the house and children, when what people see is her just "sitting at home doing nothing". I understand how confined it feels when a woman has opinions and great ideas but she's afraid that people wouldn't listen because "her voice is too soft".

But that's not all that I understand. I also understand how annoying it is when our 'tudung' does not stay still on our huge heads, when our face becomes annoyingly oily in the afternoon, when our make-up makes our faces look like a birthday cake, when our crush says "hi", when we gossip and be gossiped about, when we have a fight with our best friend, when our period pain strikes. It's a wild roller-coaster ride, being a woman. Only if you're a woman yourself, you'd understand.

Boys, hear me out. As a woman myself, I understand how it feels like being respected by men or anyone at all. I understand how it feels like being appreciated by family members and peers. I understand how special it is when a boy treats me like a princess. I wouldn't be able to wipe the smile off my face for days. In the olden days, they say women were made to live for men. If there is no man for her to live for, she's better off not having her life. Not to be bias here but let's look at this from another perspective; would men be able to survive in this world without the nursing, loving and caring of a woman with all the basic necessities of life that she can provide? So, go tell your mother, wife, sisters, girlfriends how much they mean to you. I promise you they'll appreciate it. We women are corny little beings. ;)

Happy international women’s day!